Bushwalking in Shark Bay

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A number of short walks in the World Heritage Area showcase some of the bay’s most spectacular natural attractions. In addition to the walks listed below there are almost unlimited opportunities to wander on remote beaches or explore other areas on foot.

Due to the lack of freshwater and the area’s inhospitable climate, especially in summer, longer walking trails are not provided. It is possible, however to undertake longer hikes but only if you are well prepared and take the necessary precautions. We strongly recommend contacting the Department of Parks and Wildlife office in Denham for more information.


Wanamalu Trail

Walking the Wanamalu Track in Francois Peron National Park

Description: Located between Skipjack Point and Cape Peron in Francois Peron National Park this trail offers excellent views of the area’s abundant marine life from the cliff top. Striking red sand cliffs provide great photographic opportunities.

Distance: 1.5km one-way
Time: 45min
Grade: Easy to moderate – soft sand can make it hard going in summer

Wulyibidi Yaninyina Trail

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Description: The trail starts at the Monkey Mia carpark and winds through surrounding
red sand dunes, visiting a bird hide by an artificial water hole and a section of coastline.
An excellent way to explore the local landscape of Monkey Mia.
Distance: 3 km loop
Time: 1 – 1 ½ hours
Grade: Easy to moderate – soft sand can make it hard going in summer

Hamelin Pool Stromatolites Boardwalk and Boolagoorda Trail

Boardwalk at Hamelin Pool

Description: The Boolagoorda Trail links the Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station with the start of the stromatolites boardwalk. A shell quarry, grave site and remains of the old telegraph line are all features of this walk. A boardwalk extends out over the ocean providing easy viewing of the area’s many different varieties of stromatolites. The boardwalk makes this the most accessible site in the world for viewing stromatolites.
Distance: 750m each way + 300m boardwalk
Time: 30 - 45min
Grade: Easy

Eagle Bluff Boardwalk

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Description: This short boardwalk is perched high on the scree slope above the shallow waters of Henri Freycinet Harbour. There are excellent views of two small limestone islands and marine life that frequents the inshore waters. Rays, sharks, schools of fish and even turtles and dugongs can often be seen especially during summer. Interpretive signs explain the significance of the area.
Distance: 300m boardwalk
Time: 20 - 30min
Grade: Easy

Station Life Walk Trail

Walking the Station Life Trail

Description: This short walk explores historical Peron Homestead in Francois Peron National Park. Shearing sheds, holding yards, windmills and an artesian hot tub are all features of this interpreted walk that gives an insight into life at the old station before it became a national park. A small visitor centre features dioramas and other exhibits about the park and Project Eden.
Distance: approximately 500m loop track
Time: 30min
Grade: Easy