Swim over stromatolites (104 sec)

Peron Peninsula coastline (45 sec)

The world's largest seagrass meadows (98 sec)

Peron Peninsula from the water (45 sec)

Limestone coastline and Dirk Hartog Island (124 sec)

Marine animals

Dolphins off Monkey Mia

Large dolphin pods playing in Shark Bay (128 sec)

Bottlenose dolphins sponge feeding (50 sec)

Humpback whales (135 sec)

Sea snake foraging for food (101 sec)

Land animals

Bilbies moving around extensive burrows (3min 14sec)

Banded hare-wallaby (3min 28sec)


360 degree panoramas

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Baba Point

Birridas are depressions left when saline lakes evaporated several thousand years ago.

Blowholes, natural vents in limestone cliffs

Crayfish Bay

Crayfish Bay, one of the few breaks in the 150 kilometre Zuytdorp Cliffs

Dirk Hartog Island cliffs

Dirk Hartog Island lighthouse

Giant heath vegetation known as 'tree heath'

Monkey Mia dolphin experience

Mangroves south of Shelter Bay

Peron shearing shed

Sand dunes behind Crayfish Bay

Shifting dunes 

Shell Beach and the electric fence that keeps feral predators off Peron Peninsula

Skipjack Point

Steep Point, the most westerly point of the Australian mainland

Sunrise at Shelter Bay