Virtual Tours

360 degree panoramas

Short videos and interactive 360 degree panoramas of some of Shark Bay's most impressive attractions.


Bottlenose dolphin video
Bottlenose Dolphins
Watch both underwater and surface footage of large pods of these amazing creatures as they play in Shark Bay.
Duration: 2min 08sec

Sponge feeding bottlenose dolphin video
Bottlenose Dolphins Sponge Feeding
Only in Shark Bay can you see dolphins using sponges on their snouts, a unique behaviour thought to prevent marine stings when feeding. Watch the footage here!
Duration: 50sec

Stromatolites video
See underwater footage of stromatolites at Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay, one of only two areas in the world where these creatures are found.
Duration: 1min 44sec

Seagrass in Shark Bay video

Seagrass in Shark Bay
Cruise underwater amongst the world's largest seagrass meadows. Shark Bay is home to more species of seagrass than anywhere else on the planet.
Duration: 1min 38sec

Humpback whale video
Humpback whales
View amazing footage of these massive marine mammals that migrate past Shark Bay every year on their way to breeding grounds further north.
Duration: 2min 15sec

Bilby video
View adult and juvenile Bilby’s as they move around their extensive burrows.
Duration: 3min 14sec

Banded hare-wallaby video
Banded hare-wallaby
View one of the world’s rarest mammals found on only two islands in Shark Bay.
Duration: 3min 28sec

Seasnake video
Sea snake
Watch a sea snake forage for food amongst seaweed in waters of the Shark Bay Marine Park
Duration: 1min 41sec

Peron Peninsula video
Peron Peninsula from the water
What does Peron Peninsula look like from sea? View cliff-scapes and other footage taken from a boat offshore.
Duration: 45sec

Limestone coastline video
Limestone coastline and Dirk Hartog Island
Craggy limestone islands and the sand dunes of Dirk Hartog Island feature in this footage taken from a boat close to shore
Duration: 2min 04sec

Interactive Panoramas

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  • Step 2 - Once downloaded click and drag with your mouse to move around the image
  • Step 3 - Zoom in or out with your scroll wheel.

Dirk Hartog lighthouse 360 degree panorama

1. Dirk Hartog Island Lighthouse
Stand on famous Inscription Point and gaze out to sea like famous explorers did in years gone by. View 360° interactive panorama.

Skipjack Point 360 degree panorama

2. Skipjack Point
Get a bird's eye view from on top of Skipjack Point and enjoy the red sand cliffs extending as far as the eye can see. View 360° interactive panorama.

Peron shearing shed 360 degree panorama

3. Peron Shearing Shed
Travel back in time to when Peron was a working sheep station by viewing the interior of the old Peron shearing shed in Francois Peron National Park. View 360° interactive panorama.

Birrida 360 degree panorama

4. What's a Birrida?
Birrida is the local name for depressions in the sand left behind when temporary saline lakes evaporated several thousand years ago. Why not check one out! View 360° interactive panorama.

Monkey Mia dolphin feed 360 degree panorama

5. Monkey Mia Dolphin Feed
Get above the feeding of the dolphins at Monkey Mia and view the close interaction between animal and man. View 360° interactive panorama.

Dirk Hartog cliffs 360 degree panorama

6. Dirk Hartog Island Cliffs
Admire the amazing views that visitors to Dirk Hartog Island travel great distances to enjoy. View 360° interactive panorama.

Steep Point 360 degree panorama

7. Steep Point
Stand on the most westerly point of Australia atop the cliffs of Steep Point with the sea far below. View 360° interactive panorama.

Shelter Bay sunset 360 degree panorama

8. Sunrise at Shelter Bay
Wake to a stunning sunrise on the beach at Shelter Bay near Steep Point. View 360° interactive panorama.

Mangroves 360 degree panorama

9. In the Mangroves
Get in and amongst the mangroves, one of Shark Bay's rarer plant communities. No insects here! View 360° interactive panorama.

Edel Land dunes 360 degree panorama

10. Dunes like a Saharan Desert
The mobile dunes of Edel Land evoke thoughts of the Sahara desert, testimony to the strong southerly wind that buffet the coast. View 360° interactive panorama.

Shell Beach 360 degree panorama

11. Shell Beach
View both unique Shell Beach and the electric fence that keeps feral predators out of Peron Peninsula as part of Project Eden. View 360° interactive panorama.

Dirk Hartog Island blowholes 360 degree panorama

12. Blowholes
Look down into a natural vent (or 'blowhole') in the limestone cliffs where water spouts when the seas are up. View 360° interactive panorama.

Crayfish Bay 360 degree panorama

13. Crayfish Bay
The 150 kilometre-long Zuytdorp Cliffs are only broken at a few spots, such as rocky Crayfish Bay. View the roaring surf and boulder-strewn beach. View 360° interactive panorama.

Baba Point 360 degree panorama

14. Baba Point
Stand on top of the craggy limestone point at Baba Head in Tamala Station and enjoy the view out into the shallow waters of Shark Bay. View 360° interactive panorama.

Tree heath 360 degree panorama

15. Tree Heath Vegetation
View giant heath vegetation known as 'tree heath'; a familiar vegetation type in southern parts of Shark Bay. View 360° panorama.