Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia

Each morning for more than 40 years wild bottlenose dolphins have swum to the shallows of Monkey Mia, in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, to visit and interact with people. This rare and famous animal encounter is one of the world’s great wildlife experiences.

Visiting Monkey Mia

Each year people come from all over the world to meet the dolphins. Find out how the interaction works, fees and facilities, plus where to stay and what to do at Monkey Mia.

Volunteering at Monkey Mia

Want to get involved in the Dolphin Interaction Program? Sign up here for an unforgettable experience!

Activities at Monkey Mia

Dolphins are not the only thing to see at Monkey Mia. Check out all these fun activities and events!

FAQ's iconWill I get to feed a dolphin? Can I swim with them? For all of the FAQ's go here !

Link to bottlenose dolphin video

Watch some dolphin video footage or see a 360º panorama of the dolphin feeding!

Dolphin feed at Monkey Mia

The dolphins of Monkey Mia

  • Which dolphins are related to who?
  • What type of dolphins are they at Monkey Mia?
  • Find out here!

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins have been interacting with people at Monkey Mia since the 1960s. Who are these dolphins? How did this special bond develop? How can we protect them and their habitat? And what are bottlenose dolphins, anyway? Get the answers here.