Monkey Mia

Genealogy of the Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Over the last 40 years small groups of dolphins have visited the shores of Monkey Mia, in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, to interact with people. Researchers have identified the life history and family tree of each of these dolphins, who come from three ‘families’, spanning three generations.

The 3 dolphin family trees


Who’s who at Monkey Mia?

Currently four adult female dolphins – Puck, Piccolo, Surprise and Shock – are fed at Monkey Mia. Each dolphin is identified by the distinctive shape or markings on her dorsal fin. The adults are often accompanied by their calves. Go to our dolphin page to find out more about them. 

Puck dorsal fin


Piccolo dorsal fin


  Surprise dorsal fin


Shock dorsal fin