Project Eden


Project Eden is committed to cooperative research and an adaptive management approach. Project Eden staff have collaborated with DPaW colleagues from elsewhere in the state, and with other government and non-government agencies in Australia and overseas to contribute to improved knowledge of the ecology and behaviour of many of the species the Project is involved with. This research has included investigations into feral cat control, the genetics, physiology and parasites of feral cats, and the diseases, diet and behaviour of our reintroduced species such as the bilby, western barred bandicoot and banded hare-wallaby.
In addition, the Project has provided resources and support to numerous university student investigations, including studies into the physiology and metabolic balance of the mala and banded hare-wallaby, and various investigations into disease and genetic diversity of several species such as the bilby and western barred bandicoot in both captive and wild populations.
These cooperative efforts and Project Eden’s integrated, whole ecosystem approach to management is helping us gain a better understanding of the complex interactions between climate, vegetation, predators and prey that control this arid environment.