Leaving no trace

Visitors to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area are encouraged to embrace the principles of Leave No Trace, an organisation dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor travel and recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage.

Leave No Trace principles and practices extend a sensitivity and hospitality to other visitors to the outdoors, to culturally significant country and sites and to the natural environment. They are based on an abiding respect for nature, culture and people.

At the heart of Leave No Trace are seven principles for reducing the damage caused by outdoor activities. They are:

  • Plan and Prepare
  • Travel & Camp
  • Rubbish Removal  
  • Leave What You find
  • Minimise Campfires
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate

For details on each of the 7 principles visit the Leave No Trace website.