Respecting culture

When you visit Shark Bay you are entering land of great significance to the Malgana Aboriginal people. A number of Malgana people still live in Denham and around the World Heritage Area and have strong connections to the land and its wildlife. Cultural sites across the World Heritage Area that are of importance to the Malgana include middens, caves with historic deposits and the plants and animals that inhabit the area. Please respect the wishes of the Malgana people by treading lightly and not disturbing any cultural sites.

Land managers across the World Heritage Area are working with the local Yadgalah Corporation and the Malgana Working Group to ensure that the management of cultural sites respects the ongoing cultural traditions of their people and does not threaten important cultural places. This ensures Aboriginal people have a say in the future management of Shark Bay and aids their ability to protect special places.

Aboriginal people accept cultural responsibility for visitors to their traditional lands and they wish you a safe visit. Whilst in Shark Bay you may wish to take a cultural walk and experience this ancient culture first hand.

For more detailed information visit our Aboriginal culture pages.