Getting to Shark Bay

Western Australia locality map

Where is Shark Bay?

Shark Bay is located at the most westerly point of Australia midway along the coast of Western Australia. The major population centre is Denham, a town of about 600 people located in the centre of the bay and a distance of about 820km from the state capital of Perth.

How to get there

By road

Most people visit Shark Bay by road. A major sealed road links the bay with the North West Coastal highway, click here for a  map of major roads. The two main tourist centres of Denham and Monkey Mia are both accessible by sealed road. Travelling distances and times are:
 DistanceApproximate Driving Time
Perth to Denham 820km 10 hours
Carnarvon to Denham 330km 3 1/2 hours
Geraldton to Denham 420km 4 1/2 hours
Denham to Monkey Mia 24km 20 min
Denham to Northwest Coastal Hwy 128km 1h 15min

Shark Bay major roads map

What public transport options are there? Where can I go with my 4WD?

For the answers go to our FAQ’s below.

By air

A major regional airline services the Monkey Mia airport several times weekly from either Perth or Geraldton. Connecting flights link Perth with all of Australia’s major capitals. The Monkey Mia airport is a 10min drive from both Denham and Monkey Mia. Contact the Skippers Aviation website for the current flight schedule.

By boat

There are no scheduled boat services to Shark Bay from other locations along the Western Australia coast. Travelling around Shark Bay by boat is popular however and is a common way of getting to Dirk Hartog Island and other islands and fishing sites around the Shark Bay Marine Park.

Frequently Asked Questions about driving in Shark Bay

What public transport options do I have?

Contact the Shark Bay Discovery Centre for current public transport options - 08 9948 1590 or email

Can 2WD vehicles visit all of Shark Bay’s tourist sites?

Denham, Monkey Mia and places along the World Heritage Drive including the stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, Shell Beach, Little Lagoon and Eagle Bluff are all 2WD accessible. You can also visit the Peron Homestead in Francois Peron National Park along an unsealed road with care. Access further north into the park is by 4WD only, as are Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island. Visit our suggested itinerary page for more info.

Can caravans visit most areas in Shark Bay?

Cars with caravans can visit all of the sites accessible by 2WD listed above, however it is advisable to leave your caravan in Denham or Monkey Mia before going to the Peron Homestead and Eagle Bluff. Take care when using the gravel roads as the loose road surface can be hazardous.

What options are there for 4WD’s?

Four-wheel-drive vehicles can access most of the tourist sites around the bay. Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island and the northern beaches of Francois Peron National Park have long been favourite 4WD destinations for people willing to tackle the rough sandy tracks in search of remote camping and fishing spots. Click here for more info.

What is the road to Steep Point like?

The 4WD road to Steep Point is rough and sandy for the last 30km into the point. You will need to be well prepared and let your tyre pressure down to around 20 psi to access this road. Visit our Steep Point pages for more info.