World Heritage

Management Planning

Management plans are vital to address the protection, conservation and presentation of Shark Bay’s natural and cultural values. They incorporate legislative requirements with scientific and community information, interests and concerns, and provide a way forward for the management of the World Heritage Area.

What is a management plan?

A management plan is a statement about what all levels of government and the community want the future of an area to be (the vision), and how this can be achieved. It provides direction and guidance for those agencies, organisations, committees and individuals whose actions determine whether the vision is achieved. This includes all those with an interest in the area: local people, the wider community, industry, researchers, educators, governments and decision-makers. Learn more about the responsibilities of various agencies here.

Sample management plans

Several plans have been prepared, or are in preparation, to address the protection and management of Shark Bay’s World Heritage values and conservation reserves. They include:

Shark Bay World Heritage Property Strategic Plan

For more information about these plans contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife .